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 Ottawa Area Actions, Events & Meetings: Everyone is Welcome

July 1 — Cancel Canada Day

No Celebration of Stolen Indigenous Land and Stolen Indigenous Lives

Anishnabe-led March for Action!
11:30 am
From Indigenous Services, 10 Wellington to Parliament Hill
OTTAWA #CancelCanadaDay

Idle No More has called for actions across Canada on July 1 under the banner of “Cancel Canada Day.” In the call, issued before the report by the Cowessess First Nation, they state “The recent discovery at Kamloops residential school has reminded us that Canada remains a country that has built its foundation on the erasure and genocide of Indigenous nations, including children. They say further “We refuse to sit idle while Canada’s violent history is celebrated. We are once again calling on Indigenous land, water and sky protectors and allies to come together and disrupt the celebration.”

“We will not celebrate stolen Indigenous land and stolen Indigenous lives. Instead we will gather to honour all of the lives lost to the Canadian State — Indigenous lives, Black Lives, Migrant lives, Women and Trans and 2Spirit lives — all of the relatives that we have lost. We will use our voices for MMIWG2S, Child Welfare, Birth Alerts, Forced Sterilization, Police/RCMP brutality and all of the injustices we face. We will honour our connections to each other and to the Water, Land, and Sky.”

Idle No More is calling on “any individual, group or community who wants to challenge and disrupt Canada’s ongoing colonialism” from coast to coast to coast to organize actions in this spirit which can include banner drops, sit ins, round dances, service disruptions, ceremonies, #Landback camps, marches and rallies. They are asking everyone to follow the COVID-19 protocols in place in their communities and encourage actions to include orange shirts, so long as it feels appropriate to do so.

Pan-Canadian NATO Counter-Summit

Zoom Meeting
Monday, June 14, 2021 — 4:00 pm PT/ 5:00 pm MT/
6:00 pm CT/ 7:00 pm ET/ 8:00 pm AT
To register for Zoom meeting: Inscription à la réunion - Zoom

This event is the Canadian expression of the Stop NATO 2021 actions organized by No to War – No to NATO in Europe opposing the NATO Heads of State summit taking place in Brussels on June 14th. Everyone is welcome to this webinar to hear brief presentations from activists across the country about why Canada should withdraw from NATO, a U.S.-dominated, nuclear-armed alliance, and why NATO should be abolished for genuine peace and security in the world.

The program is organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, Mobilization Against War and Occupation, Winnipeg Peace Alliance, Regina Peace Council, Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, CPC(M-L), Ottawa Peace Council, Canadian Peace Congress and the Anti-imperialist Alliance.

Speakers include

  • Tamara Lorincz, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace — VOW’s campaign “Feminists Against Militarism: Women Say No to NATO”
  • Yves Engler, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute — History and Canada-NATO
  • Isaac Saney, No Harbour for War — Halifax International Security Forum
  • Margaret Villamizar, CPC(M-L) – the need to break the taboo on discussion on the values NATO represents and who decides they are Canadian values
  • Alison Bodine, Mobilization Against War and Occupation
  • David Gehl, Regina Peace Council
  • Radhika Desai, Winnipeg Peace Alliance
Following the presentations there will be time for a discussion and strategy session.

📣 💥
Join us on Sunday, May 23rd 2021, RAIN or SHINE at Parliament Hill to protest the war crimes and genocide happening in Palestine RIGHT NOW!
Follow covid restrictions
To spread awareness, make a positive impression.
Please wear red in solidarity and bring your flags so we can hold them high to show our brothers and sisters in Palestine that we stand with them.

Organized by: Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians Palestinian Students Association, Palestinian Students Association-Carleton University, Carleton Students for Justice in Palestine

Join in Actions on May 15, 2021
Stand with the Palestinian Resistance to Expulsion and Annexation!

Nakba 73: Resistance Until Liberation
1:00 pm
Human Rights Monument, Elgin St.

Organized by: Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians Palestinian Students Association, Palestinian Students Association-Carleton University, Carleton Students for Justice in Palestine

See also previous news and events.

NOWAR-PAIX (Network to Oppose War And Racism - Pacte contre l'Agression,
 l'Intolerance et la Xenophobie) is a volunteer activist coalition in Ottawa, Canada.