About Salma Yaqoob

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Salma Yaqoob is the chairperson of the Stop the War Coalition in Birmingham, the second largest city in Britain. In an interview with Britain's Channel 4, Ms. Yaqoob, a practising Muslim, described how she became involved in the British anti-war movement:

“After September 11, 2001, I went into Birmingham city centre and a man spat at me. I had never experienced racism before, but I was more shocked that nobody else did anything. I had been absolutely livid about the Twin Towers attacks but nothing could justify the bombing of Afghanistan, so I went along to the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition where I was elected chairperson. That is how I became involved in politics, having been a psychotherapist, wife and mother of two kids.”
Over the past two years, Salma Yaqoob has been part of building one of the most successful mass movements in British history. She has spoken at the mass anti-war rallies in London and at numerous smaller rallies, conferences and meetings against the war. In the belief that what unites people is more important than their differences, she has addressed a variety of forums about the experience of building a broad and diverse movement.

As a result of the mass anti-war sentiment in Britain over the past eighteen months, anti-war activists — including Salma Yaqoob, George Galloway, Ken Loach and Yvonne Ridley — have decided to challenge Tony Blair's pro-war Labour Party in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament on June 10. Salma will be a candidate for Respect—The Unity Coalition in the West Midlands.

Salma Yaqoob will be in Ottawa as part of a pan-Canadian speaking tour from June 22 to July 2, 2004.

Confirmed Canadian dates:

Toronto - June 23 - sponsored by Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
Ottawa - June 24 - sponsored by No War/Paix
Montreal - June 25 - sponsored by Echec à la guerre and Montreal Students Against War and Racism