Tuesday, February 8th, 7pm
Tom Brown Arena Hall - 141 Bayview Rd (corner of Scott St and Bayview, two blocks west of Preston St off Scott) (see map)
There is an O-Train stop and Expressway stop right beside Tom Brown Hall, and plenty of free parking.

Kevin Pina, the journalist responsible for some of the most cutting edge reporting straight from Port-au-Prince throughout the recent period of political turmoil and the US, France, and Canada-sponsored coup d'etat in Haiti will give a presentation and show a 30-minute film on the situation in Haiti.

As an editor of The Black Commentator and frequent contributor to Znet and other alternative media websites, Kevin has been exposing the real character of the de facto government that was established to replace the elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide. As with the brutality of the US/UK occupation of Iraq, the ugliness in Haiti often goes unreported in the mainstream, or papered over with distortions regarding ultimate responsibility.

Jean St-Vil, an Ottawa-Gatineau based activist and journalist from the Haitian diaspora will moderate. A fervent critic of the Bush Administration, St-Vil addressed Ottawa's anti-war demonstrations on March 20th, 2004 and the No to Bush demonstrations on November 30th, 2004. He will moderate a discussion following the film and Kevin's presentation. The language of the film and presentation will be English, but discussion and questions in French and Kreyol will be very welcome.

Sponsored by: Nowar-paix, Comite des haitiens de l'outaouais pour la reconstruction d'Haiti (CHORHA) and the Association Canado-Haitienne pour sauvegarder la souverainete d'Haiti; For more information, please contact Kevin Skerrett Phone: 864-1590.