Student Coalition Against War (SCAW) events and meetings March 14 - 19

Everyday: Poster, Poster, Poster - leaflets and posters available at the Carleton and UofO OPIRGS

Monday March, 14:

Banner and Prop Making session at Carelton University
Bakers Lounge - 5pm until late in the evening - everyone welcome

Tuesday March 15:

Leafletting at Ottawa area schools (Algonquin, St. Pauls, etc...)
Meet at the corner of Bank and Slater - 10 am - everyone welcome

Final Logistics and Outreach Meeting - University of Ottawa
Room 125 Simard Hall - 5pm - everyone welcome

Wednesday March 16:

Simulation Checkpoint at Carleton University - we have a 30 feet wall
Bakers Lounge - 9am until 5pm - everyone welcome

Random die-ins and leafletting - University of Ottawa - everyone welcome

Friday March 18:

General Meeting - University of Ottawa - Room 125 Simard Hall
5pm - a member of Legal Support Ottawa will give a brief presentation

Saturday March 19:

Student Street Occupation Against Military Occupation
11am - Morrisset Library - University of Ottawa
Volunteers: please arrive at 10:15 am to help with final details!!!